Alternative Hotel Options For 2014

This post was written by Shonagh Henderson.

The Clarion Hotel is officially sold out for the 2014 Convention.  Below, we have provided a list of hotels within a couple of miles of the Clarion as alternative options. Please note the newest information.

38th & 465

Baymont Inn and Suites Indianapolis West…
3850 Eagle View Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46254
(317) 299-6165

UPDATE 01/20/2014:

The Baymont Inn and Suites, a mere 1.8 miles away, is now our official overflow hotel.  We have secured 25 rooms for a discounted rate of $62.99 + tax, with the option to add more.   Just like the Clarion, you need to call the hotel directly at 1-317-299-6165 and ask to be in the Who’s Yer Con block.  This rate is valid for February 21st-23rd, and all reservations MUST be made by February 19th to qualify.

Additionally, the Baymont will have a FREE shuttle service to and from the Con throughout the weekend. We are still arranging the exact times, but there will be service starting Friday afternoon – 1 a.m., Saturday morning thru 1 a.m., and then again on Sunday morning.

Spread the word, and avail yourself of this service, as the parking lot at the Clarion will most definitely fill up.

(And, should we see The Baymont full of gamers, we may use their 60-person meeting space for even more OPEN GAMING. More details to follow.)


Ramada Limited Indianapolis West
3851 Shore Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46254
(317) 297-1848

Rockville Rd & 465


Best Western Airport Suites
55 S High School Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46241
Best Western
(317) 246-1505

Microtel Inn And Suites Indianapolis Airport
5815 Rockville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46224
(317) 247-9703

Sleep Inn Airport
5845 Rockville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46224
Choice Hotels
(317) 247-4100

Wingate By Wyndham Indianapolis Airport-Rockville Rd.
5797 Rockville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46224
Wingate by Wyndham
(317) 243-8310

A Leap Of Faith

This post was written by Shonagh Henderson.

To the members, supporters and friends of Who’s Yer Gamers;

Thank you all for your support over the years. We couldn’t have gotten here without you.

It is no secret that our member body is the driving force that enables all our efforts. Per our bylaws, the mission of this organization is to promote gaming as a pastime throughout the fine state of Indiana through free and low-cost gaming events. In other words, your volunteer hours and member dues allow us to spread the joy of gaming throughout the state. Your donations open our doors to gamers and gamer families who could not otherwise afford a weekend of gaming and fun. You are the reason that many of these kids get to experience the imagination and camaraderie of a gaming convention. We, together, are building a foundation of creativity and positive personal interaction that will serve our community for years and generations to come.

As Who’s Yer Gamers moves into our 6th year as an organization, we recognize that we need to be bold to keep this mission alive.

The Clarion Waterfront Hotel has served us well, but it is clear to all that we have outgrown the space, turning down many, many events and vendors due to lack of room. We have sold out the hotel room block earlier each year and we see attendance eventually pushing up against fire codes. As of last weekend, we’ve sold out Who’s Yer Con 2014 — a full five weeks early. This is a wonderful problem to have, but a serious problem nonetheless.

For the last several years, the WYG Board has scoured Indianapolis and surrounding area for bigger and better convention spaces. The good news is those spaces exist. The bad news is the price tags run $7K – $10K minimum above our current operating budget. And that’s just for the hotel space.

As more high-end conventions come to Indianapolis, we see even more importance in our mission. We love the big cons, but they cost families of four up to $300 for tickets and then $200 a night for hotel rooms. That is not who we are, nor is it what we want to be. We are the convention anyone can attend for free. We include everyone in our fun, and we want to continue to be that type of organization.

This is why we need your help. We need bigger space but our current model does not allow it. The math simply doesn’t add up. So, do we intentionally cut back on events and other possibilities? Do we intentionally stay smaller and continue to squeeze into the Clarion? Or… do we choose to work together and to push this organization forward and upward?

We, the board of Who’s Yer Gamers, have our answer. We are committed to move us forward and upward. We will make this organization and this convention bigger and better. With more and better space, WYC can support more games and more vendors, as well as tournaments, seminars, and possibly even add larger items like LARPs and industry events. Beyond the con, we can expand our fledgling outreach efforts with more Marion County Library teen gaming days and expand our local gaming store game days. We can raise more money for charities. We can do more of everything.

But it all comes with a price.

This is why Who’s Yer Gamers is increasing our annual membership donation from $20 per year to $25 per year, effective at the close of WYC 2014 pre-registration at midnight Wednesday, February 19, 2014 (36 hours before WYC 2014 opens). Those who pre-register for WYC 2014 on the website before 12:01 AM Thursday Feb 20, 2014 will get the full member con swag package for $20. Those who pay at the door will get the same package for $25. We feel this modest increase will help us reach our three primary goals: expanding our reach, staying free to the public, and remaining very affordable to our members. Given the tremendous value of our membership package each year, we feel $25 is still a very reasonable price.

We also hope you can recognize that alone, a $5 increase in supporting memberships will not be enough to move hotels or perpetuate any of our other goals in the community. In addition, our staff continues to work with sponsors, vendors and other local organizations to help reach our goals. This is more than a price increase to members. This is the beginning of a new era. This is the start of a bigger and better Who’s Yer Gamers and Who’s Yer Con. With your help, we can get there.

Likewise, we will always be sincerely grateful for any additional monetary donations you care to give, either at the convention or on the website. People often ask how to donate additional money. Stay tuned: we will soon begin communicating fundraising opportunities, as well as posting the results and posting how the funds are being used. We are committed to being good stewards of your contributions.

So, please join us in this leap of faith toward creating a better organization, a bigger convention and a better community.

As always, thank you for your continued support!

Yours in gaming,

Who’s Yer Gamers Board of Directors

July Members Meeting

This post was written by Shonagh Henderson.

Greetings everyone! I hope everyone’s summer has been fun! Many of us are excited for GenCon coming up in a couple of weeks. I know I am! That being said, I wanted to give everyone a bit of an update from the members meeting that was held on July 20th. I want to thank everyone that was able to join us whether it was in person or via the internet. Many great things were brought up and other topics were worth going over again to keep them fresh in our minds.

It’s Official!

Who’s Yer Con 2014 will be held February 21st – February 23rd at the Clarion Waterfront. The Contract has been signed and turned in to the powers that be. I know that this is earlier in the year than many of us are used to. There are many concerns about weather this time of year, but just like a weatherman, we can’t predict it. This date was chosen largely in part because of the announcement of a ComicCon coming to Indianapolis the same weekend that we would normally choose. How dare they take our weekend! Instead of seeing this as a hindrance, we see it as an opportunity to possibly work with them. More swag? More volunteering and gaming opportunities? Yes, please! So, get those time off requests in to work and mark your calendars. It’ll be here before we know it!


I am very happy to say that we have members of the previous board returning to continue to help and make this organization even better for the future.

Vanessa Richards has agreed to stay on as the 2014 Con Chair and Troy Maynard has agreed to stay in his role of Director of Operations.

Nick Shoemaker accepted his appointment by the board to be our Treasurer for the coming year and has already proven himself to be a fantastic asset!

Nicky, Megan, Jeremy, and Bill will also be returning for the coming year in their respective volunteer roles.

Volunteer Opportunities!

With the election of the new board, there are some volunteer opportunities that are looking to be filled.

-Raffle Coordinator

-Hospitality Chair

-Vendor Liaison

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact the board! We are always looking for more able bodied minions of gaming!

GenCon – The Stink!

This year, Who’s Yer Gamers will have a table at The Stink. Please come by and say hello!

Library Teen Game Days!

Please don’t forget to check out your Marion County library for their specific game days this week. Tell your friends! Though the focus is on getting teens involved in gaming, it is also an opportunity for teens and parents to come together and find some common ground in an age of technology.

The Next Meeting


The next meeting will be October 26th at the Clarion! This is a change from my announced Oct 5th.  There were too many scheduling conflicts so Oct 26th it is!  Please re-mark your calendars and bring your thinking caps and excitement. From that point on there will be only less than four months until Who’s Yer Con 2014!

Who’s Yer Con 2014 Dates Announced!

This post was written by Jill Harris.

Who’s Yer Gamers is pleased to announce that the SIXTH annual Who’s Yer Con Gaming Convention will be held on Friday, February 21st from February 23rd, 2014. We are returning to the Clarion Waterfront on the west side of Indianapolis, and admission will still be FREE. Volunteers always needed!
Lots more details will be coming in thru the year, so stay tuned both here and on our Facebook page. Can’t wait to see you all in February!

Call for Volunteers — Teen Game Con at Indianapolis Public Library

This post was written by Peter Anderson.

A big part of the Who’s Yer Gamers mission is focused on community outreach. We strive to educate the public on the “benefits of, availability, and variety” of tabletop and hobby gaming. In our latest endeavor towards these goals, Who’s Yer Gamers is partnering with the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library to present Teen Game Con, a summer gaming program for teens held at several branches the week of July 29-August 3.

The library program is targeting teens between 12 and 17 years old. Each branch will have some prizes available, and there are two pairs of Gen Con passes to be awarded system wide.

Who’s Yer Gamers has been asked to provide volunteers to help run the various programs and teach games at each branch. We will also be supplying games from our Games Library to help run the events. We are looking for 2-3 volunteers for each of the following branches. If you would like to help with this library outreach program, please send an email to with which branch(es) you would like to volunteer to assist.

Central Library40 E. St. Clair St. Date: Wednesday, July 31Start Time: 6 p.m.
College Avenue4180 N. College Ave. Date: Tueday, July 30Start Time: 5:30 p.m.
Eagle 3325 Lowry Road Date: Monday, July 29Start Time: 6 p.m.
East 38th St.5420 E. 38th Street Date: Wednesday, July 31Start Time: 5:30 p.m.
Irvington5625 E.Washington St. Date: Tuesday, July 30Start Time: 5:30 p.m.
Lawrence7898 N. Hague Road Date: Saturday, August 3Start Time: 1 p.m.
Pike6525 Zionsville Road Date: Tuesday, July 30Start Time: 5:30 p.m.
Southport2630 E. Stop 11 Road Date: Saturday, August 3Start Time: 2 p.m.
Spades Park1801 Nowland Avenue Date: Wednesday, July 31Start Time: 5 p.m.
Warren9701 E. 21st Street Date: Wednesday, July 31Start Time: 6 p.m.
Wayne198 S. Girls School Rd. Date: Tuesday, July 30Start Time: 6 p.m.


July meeting

This post was written by Vanessa.

Come join us July 20 for a general membership meeting in which we will be introducing the new Who’s Yer Gamers’ board members, discussing Who’s Yer Con 2014, and planning some new and exciting summer community outreach programs.

Bring your ideas and a willingness to see Indiana gaming grow and thrive. We’re excited! Are you?

*This meeting will be held in the Clarion Hotel Board Room

RSVP on our Facebook event page:

Game Review: Doodle Dice – An easy, fun game for both kids and adults

This post was written by Bill Cross.

Doodle Dice

I read a review of this in GAMES magazine, and thought it would be a fun game for my 6-year-old nephew. It turns out that it is a light game which is fun for all ages.

To describe the game in one sentence: imagine the fun of Yahtzee without the arithmetic.

Doodle dice comes with 6 dice, a cup to shake them in, and a deck of cards. Each die has one of six different “doodles” on each side: a vertical line (which, of course, becomes horizontal if you rotate it); a diagonal line, a 90-degree circular arc, a large dot, a squiggle (like the vertical line but with a slight “s” bend) and a face.

The deck contains cards with doodles on them, requiring between 1 and 6 dice. For example, the “snake”, requiring four dice, consists of a face followed by three squiggles. “Three men in a tub” requires three faces (the “three men”) and two circular arcs and a horizontal line (the “tub”, when arranged properly). The cards contain different colors as well, and the color scheme is simple: red cards contain 1-die doodles; orange cards contain 2-die doodles; and so on around the color wheel to purple cards, which contain 6-die doodles. The object of the game is to collect a card of each color.

Creating “Three men in a tub”

The game starts with a card of each color in the center of the table.

To earn a card, a player rolls the dice three times (as in Yahtzee). After each roll, the player may keep any, all, or none of the dice and reroll the rest – but after the third roll, what’s on the table is what’s used. At this point, the player tries to arrange the dice to match a doodle in the middle of the table with some or all of the dice. If they match, the player collects that card (no more than one per turn).

Additional features of the game include cards that allow for an extra roll or force another player to skip a turn, and the option to try to steal a card from another player.

Game features:

Luck/Skill: About 80/20. The strategy involved isn’t particularly deep, and is typically limited to deciding whether to go for a 5-die blue card or 6-die purple card, risking the 3-die yellow card a player managed to luckily roll at first, or figuring out how to best hedge one’s bets by keeping the dice required for a 2-die orange card while still re-rolling, hoping to capture a 4-die green card. Frequently, the player who first earns a 6-die purple card wins the game, for example, and there’s less than a 1 in 5 chance of success for trying to capture any given purple card on a given turn (or less than 1 in 3 if a 4th roll is used).

Learning Curve: Very good. Rules are simple, the game can be played out-of-the-box (i.e. no set-up time is required), and games typically take ten minutes or less.

Production Values: Very good. The pictures and dice have a clever, consistent artistry; I did notice a pair of cards that were “identical” in terms of the doodles required to capture them (although the pictures had different names and used different arrangements), which I personally found annoying, and the dice cup can be quite loud if shaken vigorously (which is either great fun for the youngsters or a real headache for the parents).

Gameplay: Very good. It’s generally easy to determine who is ahead or behind at any one time; however, this can change quickly, so a player who has bad luck at the beginning still has a chance to win.

Pacing: Fast, but turn-based and sequential. Turns don’t take much time, and watching another player take their turn has some appeal simply because a player can decide whether they agree or disagree with a given strategy for capturing cards.

Kid Appeal: I don’t have kids; I’m guessing the answer is high, but I really don’t know. However, my wife (a non-gamer, who plays VERY few games – at all!) liked it, which floored me – I had originally gotten the game for my parents to take back to California, but instead we kept our set and I showed mom how to order it on She ordered TWO sets – one to play with my nephew, and one to give to another relative.

Adult Appeal: This is not a game that requires deep strategy or thought. That said, however, it’s a lot of fun for a “light” game.

Language skills required: Minimal – reading the titles of the cards is about it (I include this because I have friends for whom English is a second language, and it can be more relaxing for them to play a game that requires minimal or no language skills).

Math skills required: Minimal – only if you want to geek out on probabilities. A parent might want to guide a youngster on strategy, but little depth is required.

Skills developed: Probabilistic intuition, spatial relationships (mentally forming the pictures), fine motor skills (arranging the dice), and basic strategic thinking.

Link to basic game on Amazon.

Link to deluxe version on Amazon.


Who’s Yer Gamers 2013-2014 Election Results

This post was written by Vanessa.


All 2013 Board election ballots have been verified and votes have been tabulated.

This is a great time for Who’s Yer Gamers. We had a record 65 persons vote, and a record number of qualified individuals running for office, all of whom could have performed the duties. That is an incredible statement of our strength and the dedication of our people. Not bad for a non-profit where all volunteers are paid only in the satisfaction of knowing that they are making Indiana a better place for gaming!

And now, the election results…

2013-2014 Who’s Yer Gamers Board
President: Shonagh Henderson
Vice President: Peter Anderson
Secretary: Jill Harris
Sergeant at Arms: Tom Place

We congratulate the new board and wish them luck in the coming year.

With the election behind us, we look forward to coming together as a group to continue to make Who’s Yer Gamers better, and Who’s Yer Con the best free gaming con in Indiana.

The Outgoing WYG Board


So, what’s next?  The first steps for the new board are to meet with the old and get all the paperwork settled. And then onto plans for WYC 2014! Keep watching this blog for more information!

–Vanessa, Board Secretary 2011-2013, Con Chair 2013



This post was written by Nicky.

A few people have asked me if we were going to have a Google Hangout for this upcoming meeting.  I really wasn’t sure, and told them that, and then proceeded to be told how awful the Google Hangout experience is.  So I promised to look into an alternative. This months adventures in technology has lead me to Livestream.

livestream logo

Livestream is a video streaming service that is catered towards streaming events.  The stream has a live chat session for viewers and the ability to post comments, photos, and saved videos to the events page.  Some of you might be familiar with the service due to its popularity with protesters during the Occupy Wall Street movement, however, other uses of it also include live concerts.  It’s a product with a pretty wide range of users.  It’s easy to set up events, intuitive to use, and free.  Perfect for the needs of our organization (in theory).

The free account does have limitations however, firstly, all viewers must be signed in.  AKA, you need to create a livestream account.  The accounts are free (as I stated above) all you need is an email address or a facebook account.  You can create your account today by going to .

Our first test of this new product will be on April 27th, 2013 during our volunteer meeting.  This will be livestreamed at  We’ll start streaming at least 15 minutes before the start of the meeting, so if you want to stream in and you are having trouble seeing the video, please contact the admin and we’ll try to get you up and running.  During the meeting proper, the admin will likely be tied up with official business, so ask for help early!  The livestream will be moderated during the meeting by WYG member, Molly Ellis.

If we find that this works well for us, we’ll continue it in future meetings.  If not, we’ll go back to the drawing board and try to find another way to deal with this technical challenge.

Board Of Directors Elections

This post was written by Nicky.

Information Regarding Who’s Yer Gamer Board of Directors Elections

Nominations for the 2013-2014 Who’s Yer Gamer (WYG) Board of Directors (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant at Arms) will be held during the meeting on April 27th at the Clarion Waterfront Hotel (2930 Waterfront Parkway West Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46214) from 1-5pm Eastern Time.

Call for Nominations

During the April 27th meeting, a call for nominations to the WYG board positions will be announced and those present may verbally nominate any current/paid WYG member.

Members who are unable to attend the meeting may e-mail nominations to by midnight on April 25th (midnight Eastern Time).  E-mail nominations must include the person’s first and last name and e-mail address for contact.  Again, only current members may be nominated.

All e-mailed/verbal nominations will be announced and seconded at the meeting.

Following nominations, all nominees have until midnight on May 3rd (midnight Eastern Time) to qualify and accept the nomination.

How does voting work?

A ballot of qualified/accepted nominations, with instructions for voting, will be e-mailed to all members on May 5th. Votes will be accepted until midnight on May 10th (midnight Eastern Time).  Following the tabulation and confirmation of votes, the 2013-2014 WYG board will be announced on approximately May 13th.
E-mail voting will be overseen by Lisa Brown, a WYG Founder and non-interested party.

WYG Board of Director Positions, Descriptions, and Qualifications

Who’s Yer Gamers is a not-for-profit organization, however it handles financial, legally binding, contracts and financial contributions. All board positions engender a position of trust and responsibility of its members and the gaming community. Additionally board members must understand the need to refrain from discussing sensitive and proprietary WYG business outside of the board. Nominees, and those voting, should consider these qualifications when considering your next board of directors.

Must have clear vision for the group and the passion plus people skills to move people as a group toward that vision. Must be local to Indiana, preferably Indianapolis.
Vice President:
Must be able to be active in the local gaming community, promoting WYG and WYC.  Must be able to step in for the President should he/she be unable to continue in the position.
Must be able to attend all meetings, with only rare exceptions, and take copious and meaningful notes, to be distributed to the group in a timely manner.  Must be local to Indiana.
Must be able to handle money, keep track of all group accounts, keep the group memberships and accounts paid on time, and prepare and submit financial reports to the board at regular intervals.  Given the handling of funds, check writing, etc, it is highly recommended to be local to Indiana, preferably Indianapolis.
Sergeant at Arms:
Must be available to hear, address, and adjudicate all complaints from the group members.   Must be able to preside over group elections.

Qualification/Acceptance of Nomination

Nominees have until midnight on May 3rd (midnight Eastern Time) to qualify themselves by submitting a short biography and Q&A form to the address.  These items will be added to the ballot for review by members.  The Q&A form will also include a statement of trust and agreement to abide by the by-laws of the organization.  Specific instructions for the bio/form will be sent to nominees.  Anyone not submitting this information by the deadline will be considered as having declined the nomination and their name removed from the ballot.

Additional Information

By-laws for Who’s Yer Gamers may be found on our website at

Questions regarding nominations/voting may be directed to the email address.

Information contained in this email has been archived and can be found in the WYG Document Repository.