Frequently Asked Questions

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What IS Who's Yer Gamers?

Who's Yer Gamers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting hobby gaming in Indiana. You may have heard of us because of Who's Yer Con, which is the largest, and main, event that we hold.

When is the next convention?

The next convention will be Who's Yer Con 10, which will be held on March 30 - April 1, 2018 at the Wyndham Indianapolis West. More detailed information about the most recent and next upcoming Who's Yer Con can be found at the Who's Yer Con link (also seen in the navigation sidebar on the left)

How much does it cost to attend Who's Yer Con?

Nothing. Zip. Zilch. It's absolutely free. It's our mission to bring gaming to Indiana, and thus we want to encourage families and people who may be new to the hobby to come out and join us. To help reach these people, we put on this convention free of charge to you, the gamers.

However, it does take a lot of money to run Who's Yer Con, and those who join us as members make the con's continued existence possible. A $25 annual membership fee gets you quite a few member perks and allows us to keep running this con, and there are also a limited number of $100 "High Roller" special memberships available, as well, for those who wish to contribute more. So, next con, please considering joining to keep the gaming going!

How do you put on the con for free? Doesn't it cost a lot of money to throw a shin-dig this awesome?

You are absolutely right, it costs a lot of money to put on Who's Yer Con. We accomplish this through donations of both money and time from local businesses and gamers. That's right, we count on people just like you to help out and keep this vision alive. You can do this by simply giving us a monetary donation. Cold hard cash goes a long way. Or you can help out by volunteering your time. Both of these things are very important!

Volunteering is as easy as signing up as a member of WYG (either a free or supporting member) or log in if you are already a member, and then checking in the Plug In! section at the top of your Dashboard.

Do you have any handy-dandy statistics about your con that would help me decide if it would be appropriate for me to be a vendor/sponsor/volunteer/attendee?

Yes! Click on the years below to see data about that year!

So Who's Yer Gamers puts on Who's Yer Con... What else do you do?

While Who's Yer Con is our biggest event of the year, we also take part in a number of smaller service projects each year. Some of these include various Game Days, put on in association with the Indianapolis Public Libraries; Thanks4Giving, a charity fundraising event in November; and bringing our Game Library to other conventions in the Indianapolis and Midwest region as a FREE addition for those great events' attendees.
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